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This site has been online since 2010. On November 17th a new editorial team took ownership of the web site. As a result, you will see many changes and new features; and, as we get organized, many areas are “under construction.”  This includes our blank pages, typos, and growing pains. Please “pardon our dust.”

The goal of this redesigned site is to create an online Jewish community reflecting the homogeneous nature of this community… The community ranges from Orthodox to Reform, with the addition of many others including Reconstructionists, Humanists, and those who consider themselves secular Jews…. It includes all shadings from liberals to traditionalists …. And encompasses preschoolers to senior citizens…. They come from all parts of the world.

So, the goal of our JewishMeltingPot is to create an online community where all these diverse segments can come together to better understand themselves and each other.

We’ll present our ideas. But, for success, we also need your thoughts on our pages. We need to hear from you. We want to learn what you’re thinking, your traditions, your views, how you live, and what you eat. We want to learn what makes you Jewish.

For the success of this unique community, your input to this site is essential.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Earl Sabes

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