Here’s how to say “HINEINI” – I am here … I am ready


If we are ready and willing to act, we can make a difference in the world….  In Torah we see the word Hineini – translated to mean “I am here.” It appears as Biblical characters are asked to make major decisions which will effect the world around them. God calls Abraham to begin his journey to a land that he will be shown – Abraham answers Hineini …. God calls Moses at the Burning Bush asking him to journey to Egypt and seek freedom for the Israelite people …. Moses answers Hineini.

Today, Hineini can become our response saying “I am here”… I am ready to act … ready to act to help others … ready to help make the world a better place.

Temple Chai, Long Grove, Illinois, has initiated a program bringing Hineini into our lives through everyday actions. As part of the program they are inviting online participation in the program described below.


Temple Chai’s

18 Day Hineini Experience

January 2014

A Personal Invitation
Since each of us was introduced to the word ‘Hineini’ over the High Holy Days, I have been inspired by how this simple yet deeply profound word has found its way into the very essence of our congregation. Through intentional expressions of ‘being present’ to mindful acts of lovingkindness, we have recognized and affirmed how ‘Hineini’ has the power to elevate our faith, nourish our souls and connect us all. We now have the wonderful opportunity to take the spirit of ‘Hineini’ that we have created to a new and exciting level. I encourage you to read the details below of the ’18 Day Hineini Experience’ that will begin on January 13th and to continue your ‘Hineini’ journey. Each of the 18 days will be infused with inspirational thoughts and ideas to uplift your awareness of how you can continue to make a difference in a world that so desperately needs our love and attention. Give yourself this gift. You will be grateful….                    With thoughts of peace and blessing,                                       Rabbi Hart

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18 Day Hineini Experience Begins January 13th
Beginning the week of Tu B’Shevat, Monday, January 13th, and for 18 days to follow (except on Shabbat), Temple Chai will inspire you to be more aware, mindful and awake to opportunities that cultivate kindness, connectivity, acceptance, joy, and love.Join other people and expand your own Hineini experience by making a difference in your own unique way.Watch as the ripples spread around you to friends, family, and even strangers, as we create a better world one act at a time.How to Get StartedBegin by clicking here to sign up for the 18 Day Hineini Experience. You will receive a welcome email confirming your participation. During the 18 Day Hineini Experience, you will receive an email each morning (except on Shabbat) featuring the Hineini experience of the day, along with inspirational tips for putting it into action.There’s No Wrong Way To Do ThisWe all have special talents and gifts to share. There are many ways to “make a difference” and show kindness and appreciation to others. Create ways that resonate with who you are, how you desire to feel, and what you value.Small is Awesome

While there are many things you can do to make a difference in the world, what you do does not have to be elaborate. Making a difference can be as simple as smiling at someone who looks at you, encouraging someone who feels doubt or fear, sending someone a letter of appreciation, allowing someone to go ahead of you in line, giving someone a helping hand, telling someone they are right, or being kind to mother nature.


Have Fun With It — and Share!

Playfulness, creativity, and serendipity are all important parts of the process. If you’re inspired, please share stories, adventures, and/or photos along the way by posting them on the Hineiniblog or on Facebook. Everyone will love to see what you have been doing, and you can see what others have done.


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