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Emor (Say)

Leviticus 21:1 to 24:22 The text provides details on the major harvest festivals that brought the Israelites closer to God through offerings at the Temple. Today these holidays mark the Exodus and giving of the Ten Commandments. They also provide an opportunity to examine our own spiritual lives and, like the Israelites of Biblical times, […]

K’doshim – Torah in Haiku

Respect Other Humans

    ​ How to be holy? … What does G-d want us to do? … Respect the “other” ——– Included in this week’s portion are commandments about how to treat those who, because of social class, disability, age, or immigration status might seem different from us. Leviticus 18:10 You shall not pick your vineyard […]

K’doshim (Holy)

K’doshim (Holy)

Leviticus 19:1 to 20:27 And God said to the Israelites: “You shall be holy, for I the Eternal your God, am holy.” The Hebrew word for “holy” is “kadosh” whose root is” separate.” This week’s text provides the Israelites with commandments explaining how to separate from the surrounding peoples and live a life following the […]

Acharei Mot – Torah In Haiku

Bad news for vampires … God says: Don’t partake of blood … The life of all flesh ——- Of course (do I actually have to say “of course”?) the Torah prohibition isn’t about vampires. In the beginning it seemed God wanted us to be vegetarians, allowing for the consumption of meat only after the Flood. This […]

Acharei Mot (After the death)

Leviticus 16:1 to 18:30 In the text of past weeks we have learned that a person had to be “ritually pure” to take part in the community’s ritual ceremonies and offerings. However, being human, mistakes were made and every person (even the priests) became ritually impure. This week’s parsha provides rituals for atonement and redemption […]

M’tzora – Torah in Haiku

IT STARTS WITH LEPERS … MOVES ON TO MOLDY HOUSES … THE REST? RATED “R”  ———- Is there a portion more difficult for a 21st century Jew who asks, “what does this mean for me today”? The haiku (sort of) summarizes the plain text of this week’s portion. But if you want some guidance in […]

M’tzora (Leper)

Doctor examines patient

Leviticus 14:1 to 15:33 The text talks about the analysis and rehabilitation process of the person with the symptoms of M’tzora (often considered to be leprosy). The process of rehabilitation acts to bring this person back into the community. In many case, we could use this type of rehabilitation today. “The Eternal One spoke to […]

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