Korach – Torah in Haiku


Moses is challenged …
Was it a family feud? …
Korach felt slighted —-

Many commentators suggest Korach’s motivation for challenging Moses was familial jealousy. Not just of his cousins Moses and Aaron, but also of his younger cousin Elzaphan, who had been chosen for leadership of the Kohathite clan (see Numbers 3:30). Korach’s father, Izhar, was the older brother of Elzaphan’s father Uziel (click here for a family tree). Korach believed he deserved the leadership role.

Korach’s punishment for jealously challenging the authority of G-d’s chosen leaders? The earth “opened its mouth” and swallowed Korach, along with those who joined his rebellion. (Numbers 16:32).

The image above, depicting the fate of Korach and his fellow rebels, is from The D’rash Design Project by C. Mattison Illustration.
Ed Nickow | The Torah In Haik


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