Shof’tim – Torah in Haiku

King David Statue

The “Royal Subjects” …
For the kings of Israel …
Are the laws of G-d —

Write them, study them …
Do not feel superior …
Don’t gather riches —

Deuteronomy 17:17-20

The king … shall not accumulate very much silver and gold. When [the king] is established on his royal throne, he must write a copy of this Torah … and he shall read from it all the days of his life. He will then learn to be in awe of G-d, and carefully keep every word of this Torah and these rules. He will then [also] not begin to feel superior to his brethren, and he will not stray from the mandate to the right or the left. He and his descendants will thus have a long reign in the midst of Israel.

Photo of statue of King David in Jerusalem by Ace Carreon via Flickr

Ed Nickow | The Torah In Haiku

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