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Promises made

Don’t make promises …
Unless ready to keep them …
Your word is your bond —

Deuteronomy 23:22-24
When you make a pledge to G-d, do not be late in paying it, since G-d will then demand it, and you will have committed a sin. If you refrain from making vows completely, then you will not sin. But when you have spoken, be careful of your word and keep the pledge that you have vowed to G-d.

The text probably refers to vows made concerning offerings to G-d. But this is good advice for any promises made, including those made to another person. As we approach the High Holy Days it’s a good time to reflect on promises broken and forgiveness that must be sought. Then, in the coming year, to take care not to make promises we aren’t prepared to keep.


Ed Nickow | The Torah In Haiku

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