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Lech L’cha (Go for yourself)

footprints / follow me

Genesis (12:1 to 17:27) Ten generations after Noah, God examines creation and, again, desires to create a better world. This time the Eternal’s plan involves selection of a single family and its descendants to act as a “light to the nations” showing the way toward tikkun olam – a world repaired. “The Eternal One said […]

Noach – Torah in Haiku

The waters subside … But Noach won’t leave the ark … Until G-d says “Go” — A plain reading of the text suggests even after Noach knew the flood waters had subsided and the ground was dry, he remained in the ark and did not leave until commanded by G-d.From Genesis 8:11-16 And the dove […]

Noah (A righteous man)

Noah's Ark

Genesis 6:9 to 11:12 Noah shines as a character of “good” in a corrupt world. However, Torah shows Noah’s faults. How should we view this flawed character? “Noah was a righteous man, in his generation he was above reproach; Noah walked with God.” (Gen. 6:9) These words are our introduction to the man that God […]

B’reishit – Torah In Haik...

Let there be light

G-d speaks, things happen … Light and dark, heaven and earth,     The seas and dry land —   The sun and the moon … Creatures of the air, sea, land … Then man and woman —   Finally, Shabbat …  A day set aside for rest … Sanctified by G-d — Genesis 1:3 […]

B’reishit (At the start)

Genesis 1:1 to 6:8 While progressive scholars believe that the events of Creation and the Garden of Eden as outlined in Torah never occurred, the factors that are behind the story have shaped and influenced history through the ages. And now we start all over again ….   B’reishit  – At the beginning …. As many […]

Chol HaMo-eid (Portion for Sukkot)

Exodus 33:12 to 34:26 – Torah Portion for the Intermediate Shabbat during Sukkot This special Torah reading for Sukkot provides the most complete description of God found in the Torah. During Sukkot, as with other major holidays, we have a special Torah reading. Each of the days of Sukkot has its own reading that deals […]

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