Tol’dot – Torah in Haiku

Tol'dot = Jacob and Esau
Rebekah, pregnant …
Twin sons struggle inside her …
“Why do I exist?” —

Soon enough, she knows …
G-d says Jacob will prevail …
Mom must make it so —
As she feels her unborn sons fighting in her womb, Rebekah wonders “If this is so, why do I exist?” (Genesis 25:22). G-d says she’ll give birth to two nations, and “the elder [Esau] shall serve the younger [Jacob].” (Genesis 25:23). But Esau is the favorite of his father Isaac (Genesis 25:28). So mom takes matters into her own hands, making sure that Jacob receives his father’s blessing. (Genesis 27)

Ed Nickow | The Torah In Haiku

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