V’zot Habrachah – Torah In Haiku

ולא קם נביא
אשר ידעו יהוה
פנים אל פנים
Of all the prophets …
Just one knew God face to face …
None besides Moses —
V’zot Habracha is not a regular Shabbat reading. It is the final parashah in Torah, read on Simchat Torah and immediately followed by the first parashah, Bereshit.
In previous years, this portion has been included here only as part of haiku about Simchat Torah. This year, the one portion that doesn’t get its own Shabbat gets its own Hebrew haiku.
It is based on Deuteronomy 34:10, with some poetic license taken, omitting the words bracketed below. The English haiku, rather than a translation of the Hebrew, is an attempt to include the missing words
ולא קם נביא [עוד בישראל כמשה] אשר ידעו יהוה פנים אל פנים
V’lo kam navi [od b’Yisrael c’Moshe] asher yado Adonai panim el panim
No [other] prophet [like Moses] has arisen [in Israel] who knew God face to face.
Torah In HaikuThe Torah In Haiku
by Ed Nickow • www.thetorahinhaiku.com

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