The goal of Jewish Melting Pot.com is to create an online Jewish Community.


  • a group of people who live in the same area.
  • people with a common background or a shared interest
  • nations with a common history

These three descriptive phrases help define what our Jewish Community is.

The Jewish Melting Pot.com will allow this community to step back and look at itself. By surveying this community from many varied angles, we will learn more about ourselves… and learn how others see themselves.

What are your family traditions …? Tell us about your unique family backgrounds … Share your favorite holiday recipes.

It’s your participation that will make this website a success. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Look us over …… let us what you think …. Complete the form in the upper right of this screen and become part of the Jewish Melting Pot.
.. We’re looking forward to joining with you in creating a truly shared Jewish Community.
Jewish Melting Pot.com

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