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Sefirat HaOmer – Torah In Haiku

To count the omer … You need a minyan of hands … Seven weeks, plus one — Starting on the second night of Passover we count seven weeks, a period called the omer. The fiftieth day is Shavuot (literally “weeks”) the only holiday in the Torah whose date is not mentioned. Rather it is determined […]

Pesach – Torah In Haiku

TONIGHT’S FOR QUESTIONS … BEFORE YOU START ANSWERING … CONSIDER WHO ASKED — One of the lessons of the seder is that each of our children is unique. So when they ask questions each must be answered in a different way. Some children ask very specific questions. They will not be satisfied unless you provide […]

Shabbat Zachor / Purim – Torah ...

Purim scroll and mask

It’s Shabbat Zachor … We remember Amalek … Haman’s ancestor ——- This week is Shabbat Zachor (Shabbat of Remembrance), one of the special Shabbatot leading up to Passover. In addition to the regular Torah portion (Tzav) we conclude with a maftir reading, Deuteronomy 25:17-19. These verses tell us to do something difficult – remember what […]



The Eternal commanded the people to celebrate Shabbat – A day that is separated from the rest of the week by not working and filling the day with rest. Why does this make this day so important to Jews throughout history? For six days God created all the universe, the earth, and all that is […]

On Shabbat “You Shall Not Do Any Work...

On Shabbat “You Shall Not Do Any Work”

Shabbat is a day of rest … God commanded “You shall not do any work…” Six days a week a week I sit at a desk. I’m an accountant…. On Shabbat I want to do something that isn’t “work” like tending my garden and maintaining the yard. To me this is rest… Is this acceptable? […]

Celebrating Shabbat

Celebrating Shabbat

The observance of Shabbat is commanded in Torah. There is to be no work, it is a day of rest. From these commandments a full day of celebrating Shabbat has evolved. Here are some of the more common rituals and traditions… The observance of Shabbat is commanded in the Ten Commandments…. “Remember the Sabbath Day […]

Holidays According to Torah

Holidays According to Torah

The Torah portion Emor (Book of Leviticus) tells of the rituals the Israelites were to follow to be holy. It re-emphasized the importance of the holiness of the priests, the sacrifice and the tabernacle…. Then, with verse 23:1 we are told about HOLY TIMES … the fixed times of the year which should always be […]

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