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Eikev (Because or Results)


Deuteronomy 7:12 to 11:25 Moses tells the Israelites that they are about to enter a land of plenty. But, they must always remember that success in the land is a result of the partnership including their efforts and the resources God has provided. Both are needed for success. This week’s text continues the second address […]

Va-et’chanan – Torah in H...

Va-et’chanan – Torah in Haiku

​ Doing commandments… It’s only part of our task… We must study, too — Before reciting the Ten Commandments in this week’s portion, Moses tells the people, “Hear, O Israel, the laws and rules that I proclaim to you this day. Study them and observe them faithfully!”‘ (Deuteronomy 5:1) Should we do and then learn, […]

Ve-et’chanan (And I Pleaded)


Deuteronomy 3:23 to 7:11 This week’s text contains the most well-known prayer in Jewish liturgy… The Shma. Through the ages, this prayer has had different meanings reflecting the thinking of the time. Moses ends his first discourse and begins a second address to the Israelites before they enter the Promised Land. In the second address, […]

D’varim (Words)

D'varim -words

Deuteronomy 1:1 to 3:22 A new book of Torah begins. The book is composed of the addresses Moses makes to the Israelites before they enter the Promised Land. This week we begin a new book of Torah. As with all the other books, it is known by both the Hebrew name, D’varim, which is translated […]

Vayak’heil – Haiku In Tor...


GOD’S PRIORITIES … LET’S BUILD THE TABERNACLE … BUT FIRST, SHABBAT REST — This week’s portion is almost entirely concerned with the building of the Tabernacle. But it begins with the commandment to rest on Shabbat.   The Torah In Haiku Ed Nickow

V’zot Habrachah – Torah I...

V'zot Hab'rachah

​ ולא קם נביא אשר ידעו יהוה פנים אל פנים   Of all the prophets … Just one knew God face to face … None besides Moses — V’zot Habracha is not a regular Shabbat reading. It is the final parashah in Torah, read on Simchat Torah and immediately followed by the first parashah, Bereshit. […]

V’zot Hab’rachah (And Thi...

V'zot Hab'rachah

Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12 In this, the last weekly reading in Torah, Moses meets with God for the last time. Then, we read of Moses’ death and remember him as the greatest prophet that has ever lived. This parsha marks the end … the last parsha of Deuteronomy – the last parsha of Torah – the end […]

Ha’azinu – Torah In Haiku


God reminds Moses … He’ll view the land from Nebo … But will not enter — Deuteronomy 32:48-52 That very day Adonai spoke to Moses: Ascend these heights of Abarim to Mount Nebo … You shall die on the mountain that you are about to ascend, and shall be gathered to your kin, as your […]

Haazinu (Listen)


Deuteronomy 32:1-32 God gives Moses a song/poem to be read to the people. It recounts Israel’s past emphasizing the help of the Eternal. Then, it foretells the future consequences when the people stray from worship of God. In last week’s text we read that Moses gave the Israelites two documents that were to be read […]

Vayeilech – Torah In Haiku


Hak’heil et haam * … Men, women, and children, too … To hear the Torah — Vayeilech is the shortest portion in the Torah – just one chapter consisting of 30 verses. But it includes an important commandment, part of which is included at the beginning of the Torah service in Mishkan T’filah, the Reform Movement’s […]

Vayeilech (He went)


Deuteronomy 31:1-30 Before entering the Promised Land, God commands Moses to create written copies of two documents… The “Teachings” and a song that foretells the future when the people turn from the Eternal. Both are to be told to all future generations so that they will always know … and always follow the ways of […]

Nitzavim -Torah In Haiku

choose LIFE

            We’re given a choice … Life or death, blessing or curse … Moses says, “Choose life” — How do we do that? … Love God, heed God’s commandments … Hold fast to your God — Deuteronomy 30:19-20 I have put before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose […]

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