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Sh’mini – Torah In Haiku


Hasenpfeffer? TREIF … BUT CHOCOLATE COVERED CRICKETS?  POSSIBLY KOSHER — Leviticus 11:2-3,6 These are the creatures that you may eat from among all the land animals: any animal that has true hoofs, with clefts through the hoofs, and that chews the cud, such you may eat … the hare, although it chews the cud, it […]

Sh’mini (Eighth)


Leviticus 9:1 to 11:47 Two major events occur during this portion – The deaths of Aaron’s sons during the consecration of the Tabernacle… and the presentation of the Dietary Laws. Both are presented without explanation. Like other portions of Torah, this week’s title comes from one of the first words of the text… “On the […]

R’eih – Torah In Haiku

Beef can be eaten

  Carnivores rejoice! … Eat meat to your heart’s content … G-d says it’s okay —- But first check the list … What’s allowed and forbidden … And don’t eat the blood —- The creation story in Genesis can be understood to allow only vegetarian diets, but after the flood G-d says it’s okay for […]

Acharei Mot – Torah In Haiku

Bad news for vampires … God says: Don’t partake of blood … The life of all flesh ——- Of course (do I actually have to say “of course”?) the Torah prohibition isn’t about vampires. In the beginning it seemed God wanted us to be vegetarians, allowing for the consumption of meat only after the Flood. This […]

Tazrai – (Woman at Childbirth)

Leviticus 12: 1 to 13:59  Leviticus contains laws affecting the Israelites from birth to death… ranging from dietary rules to proper business relations. This week, the focus is on the treatment of new mothers and certain skin diseases. All these laws help shape the community and create a special relationship between the people and their […]

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