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Ki Tisa (take a census)

Ki Tisa

Exodus 30:11 to 34:35 This parsha includes the two very significant events that will shape the future of the Israelite people– the construction of the Golden Calf and the subsequent visit by Moses to God where he asks the forgiveness of God for the people’s action and receives a new covenant. Moses has just concluded […]

Ki Tisa – Torah In Haiku

​ Two tablets of stone … Written by God, but destroyed … By Moshe’s anger —   Exodus 31:18, 32:19 And God gave to Moses, when they finished speaking on Mt. Sinai, two tablets of Testimony, tablets of stone, written by the finger of God … As soon as [Moses] came near to the camp […]

Ki Tisa – Torah in Haiku

Ki Tisa – Torah in Haiku

  G-d talks to Moses: …. Look what your people have done …. Let me destroy them —— Moses talks to G-d: …. What will the Egyptians say …. If you destroy them?——— As the people dance around the Golden Calf, both G-d and Moses seem ready to abandon them. First, G-d tells Moses, “your […]

Ki Tisa (When you take)

Ki Tisa (When you take)

Ki Tisa – Exodus 30:11 to 34:35 The Golden Calf demonstrated that the people needed something tangible in order to remain faithful to God. Moses brings three items to the Israelites to fill this void … The Tabernacle, Shabbat, and direction provided by the laws and commandments of Torah. “The Eternal One spoke to Moses […]

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