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Tazria–(Childbirth) / M’tzora–(Leper)


Tazria Leviticus 12:1 to 13:59 M’tzora – Leviticus 14:1 to 15:33   The text describes a disease similar to Leprosy. Even though there is no mention of gossip or lashon hara (negative speech) in this week’s text, commentators have tied this ailment to the sin of gossip/ lashon hara. This week we read a double […]

B’haalot’cha-Torah in Hai...

​ Miriam, Aaron … Complain about their brother … The humble Moses —-   Displaying anger … G-d punishes Miriam … Turning her skin white —-   But Moses reacts … With compassion, not anger … Prays for her healing —— In the story that concludes this week’s portion, we find an example of how […]

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