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Ki Tavo – Torah In Haiku

Ki Tavo

We enter a land … Flowing with milk and honey … But not any oil — Three times in this week’s portion we read familiar words to describe the land our ancestors are about to enter: Deuteronomy 26:9 – God brought us to this place and gave us this land, a land flowing with milk […]

Vayigash (He approached)


Genesis 44:18 to 47:27 Joseph is sold into slavery and adopts Egypt as his new home. However, he retains his faith in God and may be the first Jew to live in Diaspora. The parsha opens as “Judah approached him (Joseph – his brother) and said, ‘By your leave, my lord, please give your servant […]

Vayislach – Torah In Haiku

VAYISHLACH (וישלח) MY NAME IS JACOB … BUT THE STRANGE MAN, HE TELLS ME … MY NAME’S ISRAEL — שמי יעקב אבל האיש אומר לי שמי ישראל After they wrestle, the anonymous stranger tells Jacob, “Your name will no longer be said to be Jacob, but Israel” (Gen 32:39). However, as we continue to read […]

Vaylishlach (And he sent)


Genesis 32:4 to 36:41 Jacob wrestles with an angel and receives a new name – Israel – “One who wrestled with God and man and prevailed”…. But, a look at Jacob’s life shows that this change is not a benefit for Jacob. After twenty years, Jacob is returning home to Canaan. He knows he will […]

Vayigash – Torah in Haiku

Vayigash – Torah in Haiku

    Sometimes he’s Jacob… Other times he’s Israel… Once in a while, both…………….. After he wrestles with an “ish” (a man? an angel? G-d?) Jacob is told “Your name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel” (Gen 32:29). Nevertheless, both names are used in the text to refer to the son of Isaac. […]

Vayishlach (And he sent)

Vayishlach (And he sent)

Vayishlach –  32:4 to 36:43: Joseph fears his meeting with Esau. He makes many decisions that reveal his true character and feelings about his brother and family. ———————– Great men are defined by the choices they make in time of crisis…. In this week’s parsha Jacob is forced into making life shaping decision after decision. […]

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