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Haazinu (Give ear … Listen)


Deuteronomy 32:1-52 Moses looks at the traits of the Israelites and predicts a future…. In a recent book by author Marjorie Ingall she looks at today’s Jews and sees a different future. This week’s reading, often called the Song of Moses, takes the form of a “song” or poem presented by Moses to the Israelites. […]

Haazinu (Listen)


Deuteronomy 32:1-32 God gives Moses a song/poem to be read to the people. It recounts Israel’s past emphasizing the help of the Eternal. Then, it foretells the future consequences when the people stray from worship of God. In last week’s text we read that Moses gave the Israelites two documents that were to be read […]

Nitzavim -Torah In Haiku

choose LIFE

            We’re given a choice … Life or death, blessing or curse … Moses says, “Choose life” — How do we do that? … Love God, heed God’s commandments … Hold fast to your God — Deuteronomy 30:19-20 I have put before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose […]

Balak (King of Moab)


Numbers 22:2 to 25:9 Balaam, a noted gentile prophet in the time of Moses, is asked to curse the Israelite people so they will not be successful in potential conflicts. However, because of God’s power, he can only offer the words which God places in his mouth – words of praise and blessing. These blessings […]

Acharei Mot/Kedoshim – Torah In...

  Seeking holiness … In how we behave each day … The “code” is found here — The chapters of Torah often called “The Holiness Code” begin in this week’s double portion. So called because of the numerous repetitions of the phrase “You shall be holy”, it includes many ethical commandments. These laws provide guidelines […]

Ki Tisa (take a census)

Ki Tisa

Exodus 30:11 to 34:35 This parsha includes the two very significant events that will shape the future of the Israelite people– the construction of the Golden Calf and the subsequent visit by Moses to God where he asks the forgiveness of God for the people’s action and receives a new covenant. Moses has just concluded […]

T’rumah – Torah In Haiku

    ….  The Tabernacle … Built with gifts from everyone … Built by everyone — This week’s portion consists primarily of a list of the materials and details of the blueprint for building the Tabernacle. It seems tedious at times, but there is an important lesson in the opening verses. Exodus 25:1-2,8 God spoke […]

T’rumah (Donation)


Exodus 25:1 to 27:17 Moses asked the Israelites for donations of the materials needed to build a “home for God” … the structure that was also designed to become a powerful reminder of the presence of God in their lives. God tells Moses to speak to all the Israelite people … all the men and […]

Yitro – Torah in Haiku


Two days to prepare … Before God descends Sinai … The Presence revealed — Exodus 19:10-11 God said to Moses, “Go to the people and sanctify them today and tomorrow … Let them be ready for the third day; for on the third day God will come down, in the sight of all the people, […]

Ki Tavo – Torah in Haiku

Knesset Memorah

AFTER 40 YEARS … HEARTS KNOW, EYES SEE AND EARS HEAR … WHAT G-D DID FOR US — Deuteronomy 29:1-3 Moses summoned all Israel, and said to them: You have seen all that G-d did in Egypt before your very eyes, to Pharaoh, to all his servants, and to all his land. Your own eyes […]

P’kudei – Torah in Haiku

P’kudei – Torah in Haiku

A mishkan audit … All done according to GAAP*  … Not a detail missed ——— P’kudei includes yet another detailed explanation of all the work done to complete the Tabernacle. But it begins (Ex 38:21-31) with an accounting of how much gold, silver and copper was collected from the people and how that material was […]

Torah Portion P’kudei (Records)

Torah Portion P’kudei (Records)

P’kudie – Exodus 38:21 to 40:18 – After five weeks of Torah portions, the Tabernacle is finally complete. All this Torah content demonstrates the importance of this structure. In fact, it is more than a building; by its construction it affirms the Israelites’ commitment to God and God’s laws. Through these laws, the Israelites will […]

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