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Va-y’chi – Torah In Haiku

  JACOB HOLDS GRUDGES … REUBEN, SIMEON, LEVI … ALL INCUR DAD’S WRATH — HE STILL PICKS FAVORITES … THE BROTHERS WILL PRAISE JUDAH … GOD WILL BLESS JOSEPH —   Chapter 49 of Genesis contains the final words of Jacob on his deathbed, with each son (except Simeon and Levi) addressed individually. Of particular […]

Vay’chi (And he lived)


Genesis 47:25 to 50:26 Jacob blesses Joseph’s two sons. This action starts a tradition that is still alive today and is demonstrated in the traditional blessing of our children on Shabbat.   The title – And he lived – refers to Jacob’s life. The first line of the parsha tells us that Jacob lived in […]

Vayigash – Torah In Haiku


  JACOB MEETS PHARAOH … TELLS HIM “MY YEARS HAVE BEEN FEW” … “MY LIVE HAS BEEN HARD” —   Genesis 47:8-9 Pharaoh asked Jacob, “How many are the years of your life?” And Jacob answered Pharaoh, “The years of my sojourn [on earth] are one hundred and thirty. Few and hard have been the […]

Mikeitz – Torah In Haiku

  FAMINE IN CANAAN … JACOB SENDS SONS TO EGYPT … TO PURCHASE SOME GRAIN — THE STAGE IS NOW SET … FOR FAMILY REUNION … JUST AS GOD PLANNED IT? —   Famine hits the region but, thanks to Joseph’s plan to store grain during the years of plenty, there is food in Egypt […]

Vayeishev (And he settled)


Genesis 37:1 to 40:23 An example of Levirate law where a brother marries his deceased brother’s widow appears in this week’s text. As the rights and independence of women advanced through the ages, this practice has almost disappeared. The parsha begins with a single line stating that Jacob settled in Canaan, the land where his […]

Vayishlach – Torah In Haiku


DINAH IS AVENGED … JACOB SAYS “IT’S A SHANDE” … BROTHERS DISAGREE —   It’s a story not often told in Sunday school. Jacob and Leah’s daughter Dinah is defiled by Shechem (Genesis 34:2), who then says he loves her and wants to take her as his wife (34:4) Despite their father’s silence, Jacob’s sons […]

Vayishlach (And he sent)


Genesis 32:4 to 36:43 Jacob returns to the home of his parents after 20 years. He is fearful of the future and the reactions of his brother. However, after a mysterious encounter with “a man,” a new Jacob emerges with a new name – Israel, greater confidence, and the ability to lead his large household. […]

Vayeitzei – Torah In Haiku


JACOB MAKES A VOW … IT MIGHT BE CONDITIONAL … OR IT MIGHT NOT BE — While dreaming “Ba Makom” (at a certain, unnamed “place”) Jacob is told by God, “Remember, I am with you: I will protect you wherever you go and will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you […]

Vayeitzei (And he left)


Genesis 28:10 to 32:3 Jacob makes Torah’s first vow to the Eternal…. One would expect a vow that is deeply reverent; but, Jacob offers a conditional vow filled with doubt. Torah scholars question this lack of faith and offer possible explanations. This week’s text starts immediately after the events of last week’s parsha. Jacob has […]

Tol’dot – Torah In Haiku

Jacob and Esau

​ ESAU THE WILD ONE …. FAVORED BY FATHER ISAAC …. GIVES UP HIS BIRTHRIGHT — JACOB THE MILD ONE … FAVORED BY MOTHER RIVKAH … OBTAINS THE BIRTHRIGHT —   Gen 25:27-34 Esau became a skillful hunter, a man of the outdoors; but Jacob was a mild man who stayed in camp. Isaac favored Esau […]

Tol’dot (Descendents)


Genesis 25:19 to 28:9 This week we have two story lines – the story of Isaac’s twin sons – Jacob and Esau… and the story of Isaac and his wife Rebekah where Rebekah shares, and ultimately sets, the future course of the Jewish people. I would like to base my comments this week on two […]

Va-y’chi (And he lived)

A look at the book of Genesis

Genesis 47:28 to 50:26 As finish the book of Genesis, I look back at the major people we have observed and see what we can learn from their lives. This week’s parsha begins with these words: “Jacob lived in the land of Egypt for 17 years; Jacob’s days – the years of his life – […]

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