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B’har (In the mountain)


Leviticus 25:1 to 26:2 The Sabbatical Year gives the land a rest every seven years. The Jubilee Year proclaims “liberty/freedom” for both land and its people. The text gives us insight into what liberty/freedom means in the Biblical tradition. This is the last of the four parshot given the title of the Holiness Code – […]

B’har / B’chukotai (On th...


B’har – Leviticus 25:1 to 26:2 B’chukotai – Leviticus 26:3 to 27:34 The Sabbatical year (every 7 years) and Jubilee Year (every 50 years) are explained. The comments that follow show the effects of these celebrations on the people of Israel. Again we have a double portion. These parshot conclude the book of Leviticus. B’har […]

B’har (On the Mountain)

Leviticus 25:1-26:2 The Torah envisions a world where the ownership of land, freedom from debt, and freedom from slavery become a reality every fifty years. Thus eliminating the possibility of feudal rulers while creating a system where all people become economically more equal. Sabbatical Year explained: “The Eternal One spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai: […]

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