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Korach – Torah In Haiku

God’s angry – again … Moses and Aaron speak up … “Spare the innocent” — God relents – again … “I’ll punish the sinners, but … Spare the innocent” — Numbers 16:20-23 God spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “Stand back from this community that I may annihilate them in an instant!” But they fell […]



Numbers 16:1 to 18:13 Again this week we read about a miracle from God. The earth swallows Korah and his followers. Did it really happen? Biblical scholars through the ages have commented on the meaning behind Biblical Miracles. In this week’s parsha, the complaining that has been observed over the past weeks continues. Now, takes […]



Numbers 16:1 to 18:32 Korach states that “all the community are holy” and that leadership and decisions should be open to all. As a result of Korach’s actions he was punished by God. However, today these statements may be the direction of Jewish thought. And the kvetching continues …  It almost seems as if the […]

Korach – Torah in Haiku

Korach - Drash Design Project

  ​ Moses is challenged … Was it a family feud? … Korach felt slighted —- Many commentators suggest Korach’s motivation for challenging Moses was familial jealousy. Not just of his cousins Moses and Aaron, but also of his younger cousin Elzaphan, who had been chosen for leadership of the Kohathite clan (see Numbers 3:30). […]

Korach (Korah)

Numbers 16:1 to 18:32 Korah and others challenge Moses and Aaron’s position (in effect God’s position) in the community. As a result God causes the earth to open and swallow them. Did “miracles” like this actually happen and how should they be understood? “Now Korah, son of Ihar, son of Kobath son of Levi, betook […]

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