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Naso (Take a census)


Numbers 4:21 to 7:89 This week’s text demonstrates that both our world and the world of the post-Sinai Israelites have a goal of creating a community where all will receive the blessings of God. This is a rough week to watch televised news or even think about the news…. Fifty killed in Orlando…. A senseless […]

Naso – Torah In Haiku


ALWAYS REMEMBER … WRONGS AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE … ARE WRONGS AGAINST GOD — Numbers 5:6-7 – When a man or woman commits any wrong toward a fellow man, thus breaking faith with God, and that person realizes his guilt, he shall confess the wrong that he has done. According to Torah, people were created b’tzelem […]

Naso (Take a census)


Numbers 4:21 to 7:89 The subject of the Nazarite is discussed in this week’s text. Only the laws regarding the Nazar are presented. A look at the customs and rituals of the Temple era explain why people turned to the Nazarite traditions. The census referred to in this portion’s title is a continuation of the […]

Naso – Torah in Haiku

Twelve tribal leaders … Twelve offerings – all the same … Twelve day ritual —— What is the lesson? … Communities need us all … But each is unique —— Numbers Chapter 7, the final section of this week’s reading, includes 12 virtually identical passages describing the offerings brought by each of the tribal leaders […]

Naso (Take a census)

Numbers 4:21 to 7:89 The reading this week contains the Priestly Benediction … three lines invoking the blessing of God on the Israelite people. It is believed to be the oldest known example of Torah text. The actual words were found on metal scrolls dating back to the First Temple – 2600 years ago. The […]

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