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Vayigash – Torah In Haiku


  JACOB MEETS PHARAOH … TELLS HIM “MY YEARS HAVE BEEN FEW” … “MY LIVE HAS BEEN HARD” —   Genesis 47:8-9 Pharaoh asked Jacob, “How many are the years of your life?” And Jacob answered Pharaoh, “The years of my sojourn [on earth] are one hundred and thirty. Few and hard have been the […]

Mikeitz (At the end)

Mikeitz Genesis 41:1 to 44:17: Joseph successfully interprets dreams several times. He attributes his success to God. But is it the work of God or his skills of successful listening … then acting upon what he heard. ————— “At the end of two years time, Pharaoh had a dream: there he was, standing by the Nile, […]

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