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P’kudei – Torah In Haiku


Mishkan completed … A cloud settled upon it … The Glory of God — Exodus 40:34 The cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the Glory of God filled the Tabernacle. This week’s reading is the final portion in the Book of Exodus. חזק חזק ונתחזק – Chazak, chazak, v’nitchzek The Torah In Haiku Ed Nickow […]

P’kudei (Records)


Exodus 38:21 to 40:35 With this parsha, as the Tabernacle is assembled, we take a closer look at this structure, its significance, and its similarities to our present-day sanctuaries. This parsha completes the Book of Exodus…. The Israelites are assembling the Tabernacle … “ the home for God.” This structure creates a visual reminder for […]

Vayak’heil (Assemble the Commun...

Jewish Art

Exodus 35:1 to 38:20 The Tabernacle, as described in Torah, was a work of art. Until the late 19th Century, Jewish history, art has mainly taken the form of ritual objects with few human forms depicted. With the enlightenment and Jewish assimilation of the late 1800’s, Jewish art entered mainstream world art. This week’s parsha […]

T’tzaveh (Command)

Ner Tamid

Exodus 27:20 to 30:19 The priests are commanded by the Eternal to light the menorah every day. Today, the light continues to shine as the Ner Tamid, located above the Ark containing the Torah. This week’s reading opens with a “command” that instructs the Israelites to bring “clear oil of beaten olives for lighting, for […]

T’rumah – Torah In Haiku

WHERE IS YOUR “MIKDASH”?… YOUR PLACE TO COMMUNE WITH GOD … IS IT PHYSICAL? — Exodus 25:8 And let them make Me a sanctuary (“mikdash”) that I may dwell among them (“b’tocham”) Some of our congregations have magnificent structures in which to gather. Others have more modest buildings, or rent space in a local school, […]

T’rumah (Donations)

Exodus 25:1 to 27:19 At Sinai the Israelites witnessed the Eternal and received God’s laws. But when they leave Sinai, will they remember God or turn to other gods? The Golden Calf incident is a warning … The Tabernacle – a home for God – is a response that brings God into the community. God […]

Vayak’heil / P’kudei R...

Donations for Biblical Tabernakicle

All whose hearts moved them … All who were skilled – with “wise hearts” … All built the Mishkan — Exodus 35:5 Everyone whose heart so moves them shall bring gifts for God Exodus 35:10 Let all among you who are skilled come and make all the God has commanded The Hebrew word לב (lev […]

Vayak’heil – P’kudei


Vayak’heil  (And he convoked or And he assembled)– Exodus 35:1 to 38:20 P’kudei – (Records or Accounts)Exodus 38:21 to 40:38 Final chapters of Sh’mot/Exodus– a double parsha. In Vayak’heil the materials for the construction the Tabernacle and the and the priestly vestments are assembled. The importance of Shabbat is again emphasized. In P’kudei the Tabernacle is […]

T’rumah – Torah In Haiku

    ….  The Tabernacle … Built with gifts from everyone … Built by everyone — This week’s portion consists primarily of a list of the materials and details of the blueprint for building the Tabernacle. It seems tedious at times, but there is an important lesson in the opening verses. Exodus 25:1-2,8 God spoke […]

T’rumah (Donation)


Exodus 25:1 to 27:17 Moses asked the Israelites for donations of the materials needed to build a “home for God” … the structure that was also designed to become a powerful reminder of the presence of God in their lives. God tells Moses to speak to all the Israelite people … all the men and […]

P’kudei – Torah in Haiku

P’kudei – Torah in Haiku

A mishkan audit … All done according to GAAP*  … Not a detail missed ——— P’kudei includes yet another detailed explanation of all the work done to complete the Tabernacle. But it begins (Ex 38:21-31) with an accounting of how much gold, silver and copper was collected from the people and how that material was […]

Torah Portion P’kudei (Records)

Torah Portion P’kudei (Records)

P’kudie – Exodus 38:21 to 40:18 – After five weeks of Torah portions, the Tabernacle is finally complete. All this Torah content demonstrates the importance of this structure. In fact, it is more than a building; by its construction it affirms the Israelites’ commitment to God and God’s laws. Through these laws, the Israelites will […]

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