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Ki Tavo (When you enter)

Ki Tavo

Deuteronomy 26:1 to 29:8 In concluding his Third Discourse to the Israelites, Moses tells them to hear and pay attention to his words. Rabbi Kook extends this command to a discussion of how to best study Torah. In this week’s text, Moses is concluding his third discourse to the people before they enter the Promised […]

R’eih (See)


Deuteronomy 11:26 to 16:17 Moses worries that the people will stray from the Eternal and worship other gods. Today, the problem of intermarriage and a fear of a declining Jewish population still exists. While Moses suggests death to the unfaithful, we must look for more civil solutions. The following words begin Moses’ Third Discourse to […]

Ki Tavo (When you enter)

Moses and people holding Torah

Deuteronomy 26:1 to 29:8 As we near the end of the yearly Torah cycle, we read the comments of Moses emphasizing two major lessons of Torah… Then, to these comments we add an interpretation from Talmud on the proper way to study Torah. Ki Tavo presents the end of Moses’ third discourse to the people […]

R’eih (See)


Deuteronomy 11:26 to 16:17 Moses presents a lengthy list of laws to the people. Many of the laws involved the death penalty for crimes where the sentence was rarely, if ever, carried out. Why weren’t these punishments given? Why are they even specified in Torah? “See, this day I set before you blessing and curse: […]

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