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Tol’dot – Torah In Haiku

Jacob and Esau

​ ESAU THE WILD ONE …. FAVORED BY FATHER ISAAC …. GIVES UP HIS BIRTHRIGHT — JACOB THE MILD ONE … FAVORED BY MOTHER RIVKAH … OBTAINS THE BIRTHRIGHT —   Gen 25:27-34 Esau became a skillful hunter, a man of the outdoors; but Jacob was a mild man who stayed in camp. Isaac favored Esau […]

Tol’dot (Descendents)


Genesis 25:19 to 28:9 This week we have two story lines – the story of Isaac’s twin sons – Jacob and Esau… and the story of Isaac and his wife Rebekah where Rebekah shares, and ultimately sets, the future course of the Jewish people. I would like to base my comments this week on two […]

Tol’dot – Torah in Haiku


​ Rebekah, pregnant … Twin sons struggle inside her … “Why do I exist?” — Soon enough, she knows … G-d says Jacob will prevail … Mom must make it so — As she feels her unborn sons fighting in her womb, Rebekah wonders “If this is so, why do I exist?” (Genesis 25:22). G-d […]

Tol’dot (Records)

Genesis 25:19 to 28:9   Isaac and Rebekah represent the Second Generation. Many commentators feel Isaac is only a link between Abraham and Jacob. However, given that Isaac and his wife keep the faith alive to pass on to the next generation, they both are important. Following are the opening words of this parsha: “This […]

Tol’dot (Ancestral Line)

Tol’dot (Ancestral Line)

Tol’dot-Genesis 25:10-28:9: In a short 35 verses we are told the life of Isaac. The fact that it closely parallels Abraham’s life, hints that he is following the same traditions and continuing his beliefs into a 2nd generation.——————– The parsha begins “This is the line of Isaac son of Abraham. Abraham begot Isaac. Isaac was […]

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