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Vayikra – Torah in Haiku

Finders - Keepers

Finders keepers? No! … Something found must be returned … Don’t lie about it. ——— After several chapters of excruciating detail about how sacrifices are to be made, this week’s portion ends (Lev 5:20-26) with some commandments concerning dishonesty.  These include … “If a person sins and commits an appropriation offense against G-d … having found […]

B’shalach – The Torah in ...

B’shalach – The Torah in Haiku

  Arrivederci  … Au revoir, l’hitraot …  Later, Mitzrayim  ———– We cross the Sea of Reeds and leave Egypt (Mitzrayim) behind us. Or, do we? This haiku includes words in four languages that suggest the departure is not permanent. Even before the sea is parted, the people protest, “It would have been better to be […]

Mikeitz – The Torah in Haiku

Mikeitz – The Torah in Haiku

Joseph, the dreamer … Joseph, Pharaoh’s number two … Joseph, brought to tears………. He still has to learn… Tears do not reveal weakness… They help us to heal. —————– First, after he hears his brothers express regret for how they treated him: Genesis 42:23-24 They did not realize that Joseph was listening, since they [had […]

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