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Vayak’heil – Haiku In Tor...


GOD’S PRIORITIES … LET’S BUILD THE TABERNACLE … BUT FIRST, SHABBAT REST — This week’s portion is almost entirely concerned with the building of the Tabernacle. But it begins with the commandment to rest on Shabbat.   The Torah In Haiku Ed Nickow

Vayak’heil / P’kudei R...

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All whose hearts moved them … All who were skilled – with “wise hearts” … All built the Mishkan — Exodus 35:5 Everyone whose heart so moves them shall bring gifts for God Exodus 35:10 Let all among you who are skilled come and make all the God has commanded The Hebrew word לב (lev […]

Vayak’heil – P’kudei


Vayak’heil  (And he convoked or And he assembled)– Exodus 35:1 to 38:20 P’kudei – (Records or Accounts)Exodus 38:21 to 40:38 Final chapters of Sh’mot/Exodus– a double parsha. In Vayak’heil the materials for the construction the Tabernacle and the and the priestly vestments are assembled. The importance of Shabbat is again emphasized. In P’kudei the Tabernacle is […]

Vayak’heil – Torah in Hai...

Vayak’heil – Torah in Haiku

From whence comes talent? …. Our parents, teachers, mentors? …. Are all thanks to G-d? ——— This week we are told something interesting about those selected to build the Tabernacle. First, Moses tells the people that ” … G-d has singled out by name Bezalel … endowing him with a divine spirit of skill, ability […]

Vayak’heil (And he -Moses- conv...

Vayak’heil (And he -Moses- convoked or assembled)

Vayak’heil – Exodus 35:1 to 38:20  At the start of this week’s parsha, God commands the Israelites to rest on the Sabbath and not to do any work. Over the ages the rabbis have asked what is work and what is rest? This parsha takes place after the Golden Calf incident … and the return of […]

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