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Vayeira – Torah In Haiku


WHERE DID ISAAC GO … WHEN THE AKEDAH ENDED? … TO HIS FAMILY —–   The last mention of Isaac during the akedah comes as Abraham prepares his son for sacrifice: Genesis 22:9-10 They arrived at the place of which God had told him. Abraham built an altar there; he laid out the wood; he […]

Vayeira (And He appeared)


Genesis 18:1-22:24 In a portion filled with several significant, violent events, Vayeira opens with a peaceful story of Abraham welcoming three travelers. This incident illustrates, and maybe, introduces the important Jewish tradition of HOSPITALITY. This is truly a parsha of extremes. We read about three of the most disturbing incidents in Torah: First, Sodom and […]

Vayeira (And He -the Eternal appeared...

Binding of Isaac

Genesis 18:1 to 22:24 Although Torah doesn’t tell us much about Abraham’s early life, we learn much about his later life and total devotion to God. How would this characteristic be regarded in today’s world? The parsha Vayeira tells us a great deal about Abraham and his relationship to God, his family, and those around […]

Vayeira (And He appeared)

Vayeira (And He appeared)

Vayeira – Genesis 18:1 to 22:24: God appears before Abraham and Hagar as angels five times in this reading …. Do angels still appear today? ——————-   The parsha begins as Abraham is resting after his circumcision. He was probably in discomfort from this procedure as this week’s text begins …. “The Eternal appeared to […]

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