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Vayeishev – Haiku In Torah

Women in Torha

  POWERFUL WOMEN … TAMAR AND POTIPHAR’S WIFE … SEX AND DECEPTION — This week’s haiku should not be considered sexist condemnation of the tactics used by both Tamar and Potiphar’s wife in different stories from this week’s Torah portion. After all, deception was common among our patriarchs. From Abraham’s request that Sarah say she’s […]

Vayeishev (And he settled)


Genesis 37:1 to 40:23 An example of Levirate law where a brother marries his deceased brother’s widow appears in this week’s text. As the rights and independence of women advanced through the ages, this practice has almost disappeared. The parsha begins with a single line stating that Jacob settled in Canaan, the land where his […]

Vayeishev – Torah In Haiku

Jacob is deceived … Brothers don’t know Joseph’s fate … Convince dad he’s dead — The plot twists in the Joseph story are dramatic enough for a soap opera – or a Broadway musical. Since for many people the stage show is how the story is remembered, it’s probably worth noting that Andrew Lloyd Weber […]

Vayeishev (And he settled)

Jacob's children

Genesis 37:1 to 40:23 The focus is now on Jacob’s children. Most of the action centers on Joseph. A brief interlude features Judah who will play a major part in Joseph’s future. “Jacob now settled in the land of his father’s sojourning, in the land of Canaan.” (Gen. 37:1) This parsha actually begins the story […]

Vayeishev (And he lived -or- And he s...

Joseph with coat of many colors

Vayeishev – Genesis 37:1 to 40:23: The saga of Joseph introduces us to the 1st Jew in Diaspora. His action provide many insights into creating a life outside of his native home. —————— “Jacob now settled in the land of his father’s sojourning, in the land of Canaan.” “This is the family history of Jacob, […]

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