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Vayikra – Torah In Haiku


  A TINY ALEPH … TEACHES US TO FIND MEANING … IN LIFE’S CHANCE EVENTS —–   The first word of our portion – the first word of the Book of Leviticus – is written with a small aleph as shown in the image accompanying this post. One explanation for this scribal oddity can be […]

Vayikra (And He called)


Leviticus 1:1 to 5:26 Leviticus is often seen as a “guidebook” for the Levite priests of Israel. While it starts with an outdated sacrificial system, it contains many ideas that present great truths for today. Even the sacrificial system can spotlight the concepts of what “holiness” is and how to achieve real forgiveness. This week […]

Vayikra – Torah In Haiku


Mishkan completed … Now the rules for korbanot … Drawing close to God — The Book of Leviticus begins with rules for the sacrifices – korbanot – that will take place in the Tabernacle (Mishkan) that was completed as the Book of Exodus ended. The Hebrew provides us with clues to find meaning in these […]

Vayikra (And He –God- Called)


Leviticus 1:1 to 5:26 The text discusses animal sacrifices made in the Tabernacle, and later in the Temple. When the Temple was destroyed, sacrifices were replaced with prayer. Is prayer as effective? Last week we finished Exodus and read about the building of the Tabernacle – A home for God in the Israelite community. This […]

Vayikra – Torah in Haiku

Finders - Keepers

Finders keepers? No! … Something found must be returned … Don’t lie about it. ——— After several chapters of excruciating detail about how sacrifices are to be made, this week’s portion ends (Lev 5:20-26) with some commandments concerning dishonesty.  These include … “If a person sins and commits an appropriation offense against G-d … having found […]

Vayikra (And He – God – c...

Vayikra (And He – God – called)

Vayikra -Leviticus 1:1 to 5:26 In Vayikra we are given instructions about the types of animal sacrifices that should be made to the Tabernacle. Through this act of sacrifice the Israelites were brought closer to God. Today, even though we don’t sacrifice animals, we still seek a closeness to God through attendance at worship services, […]

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