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V’zot Hab’rachah (And thi...

V'zot Hab'rahah

Deuteronomy 33:1 to 34:12 The last chapters of Torah relate Moses’ blessing to the people and tell of his death. (Picture to right -Simhat Torah Flag – France, 1930) This week we are celebrating Sukkot. During this seven day celebration, each day has its own reading. The text for Saturday, October 22 is Deuteronomy 14:22 […]

V’zot Habrachah – Torah I...

V'zot Hab'rachah

​ ולא קם נביא אשר ידעו יהוה פנים אל פנים   Of all the prophets … Just one knew God face to face … None besides Moses — V’zot Habracha is not a regular Shabbat reading. It is the final parashah in Torah, read on Simchat Torah and immediately followed by the first parashah, Bereshit. […]

V’zot Hab’rachah (And Thi...

V'zot Hab'rachah

Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12 In this, the last weekly reading in Torah, Moses meets with God for the last time. Then, we read of Moses’ death and remember him as the greatest prophet that has ever lived. This parsha marks the end … the last parsha of Deuteronomy – the last parsha of Torah – the end […]

V’ot Hab’rachah – D...

V’ot Hab’rachah – Deuteronomy 33:1 to 34:12

Translation of Portion Title “V’zot Hab’rachah” – “And this is the blessing” ————— The first killing occurs in B’reishit when Cain kills his brother. Why? and who is responsible? These are questions that arise in Torah’s first portion. Here are some possible answers. —————- Actually, this is not this week’s portion. This Saturday’s portion is […]

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